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What does 10k gold mean


What does 10K RMI mean wh.

What does 10k GTR or GTE stamped inside of a ring mean? Means 10 Karat Gold and the other ... Wal-Mart etc. Also, they specalize in wedding bands and engagement rings.


what does a gold ring wit.

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What does 10k rmi real go.

What does a gold plated ring with seta mean? could the diamond be real? I brought ... What does it mean when a ring says 10k cz?


What does 10k bmd mean on.

I have a ring, I found it. ON the inside is engraved quot;10k BMD quot;. I understand that 10K means 10 karats, but what does BMD mean?


What does 10k cz mean on .

Also, my wedding band says 10k rmi. what does rmi stand for? it also says 1/5 on my engagement ring. does that mean that it is a real diamond and not a 1/5 ct cz?


Answers to Questions Abou.

Also, my wedding band says 10K RMI. What does RMI stand for? It also says 1/5 on my engagement ring. Does that mean that it is a real diamond and not a 1/5 ct CZ?


What does G 25 mean on a .

and what does cto 14k mean inside of it? What does it mean if the gold ring engraved ... What does the hallmark b25 mean?


What does rb gold marking.

What does rb gold markings mean - The main point here support because you are communicating with people that may be experiencing the. Aside from the prizes and ...


Ok, What Does The Gold St.

Re: OK, WHAT DOES THE GOLD STAR MEAN? Yeah, word has it you get extra goodies with the gold star. You are able ...


What does 10k P.O. stampe.

What does 10k P.O. stamped on a necklace mean? I assume you know what the k means. ... ANSWERBAG BUZZ What does lgl mean engraved in a ring

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