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Venus opp saturn in synastry


Aries Mars in 7th house a.

Respected Sanjayji and Sridharji, I have aries mangal in 7th house and cancer saturn in 10th house. Does that mean I dont have mangal dosha. What are


venus conjunct pluto in s.

venus conjunct pluto in synastry Astrology ... have a quick discussion on synastry aspects. as far as i have read venus conjunct sun ... View by Category View by ...


Saturn In Front Of The Su.

Saturn In Front Of The Sun: Cassini Spacecraft Captures Breathtaking View Of ... Betty White meets with Barack Obama in the Oval Office (PHOTO) http://t.co ...


Ascendant conjunct Ascend.

Topic: Ascendant conjunct Ascendant in synastry: Mystic Gemini unregistered ... Gemini sun, Cancer rising, mercury in Gemini, moon in Taurus *29 ...


Sun conjunct Chiron in sy.

Sun conjunct Chiron in synastry? ... unless the other planet is something like Mars ... I notice your chiron is conjunct North Node and then conjunct ...


Soulmate synastry- is it .

... her north node conjunct his ascendant in leo ... only a big deal in synastry when it aspects the partners ascendant ... Sun, venus, and mercury all conjunct in the ...


Is the 7th House in Aries.

Best Answer: no ... It is, if you learn to focus those Aries energies on more @ahem@ constructive physical expressions...Aries in the 7th can mean lots of ...


Degrees/Venus Conjunct am.

Best Answer: Hi:) The deg. of separation of the aspects is listed under quot;orb quot;, so the Venus conj. Pluto aspect is 2deg and a bit off of being in perfect ...

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