Vietnam Draft Letter



The Military Draft and 1969 Draft Lottery for the Vietnam War

Historical information on the 1969 U.S. draft lottery for 19 year old men during the Vietnam War in ... born in a leap year, the young people also drew the 26 letters ...

What did the Vietnam draft notification look like and how much ...

Best Answer: It was just a form letter ordering you to report for a physical on a certain date. Each area of the country had their own induction center ...


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The Vietnam Draft

How the Majority of my generation felt about the Vietnam Draft including ... wrote a letter of recommendation for one of them to his Mississippi draft board, a letter ...


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Vietnam Draft - 1st Cav Medic (Airmobile)

Vietnam draft was dodge by many Americans including the President, Bill Clinton. Clinton's ROTC letter to Col. Holmes thanking him for saving him from the draft.


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Bill Clinton's Draft Letter | The Clinton Years | FRONTLINE | PBS

... After the draft letter ... the leak of a letter he had written more than 22 years ago, filled with a young man's anguish and anger about the war in Vietnam and the draft.


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U.S. Military Photo of a Vietnam-era Draft Notice -- U.S. Military

Photo of a Vietnam-era Draft Notice ... 1961 Draft Notice (Official U.S. Government Document) [Return to Article]


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Copy of Vietnam Draft Letter Needed -

My father-in-law served in Vietnam from early '69 to late '70. I am doing a scrapbook for him with old pictures and reunion pictures. I eve...


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Bill Clinton's Dodging the VIetnam Draft Letter - The Law Projects ...

Miss Jill Louise Starr's Google Website. The purpose of this site is to give all the people of our shared world, equitable control thereof by granting them access to ...


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Draft Notice - The Vietnam Experience

A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War ... Draft Notice. 3 May 1966. Late afternoon. Friday. Sacramento simmers in hundred degree heat.


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Draft lottery (1969) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 1969 draft lottery only encouraged resentment of the Vietnam war and the draft. ... either showing their disapproval by burning their draft cards or draft letters ...


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Official Military Letters and Documents from the Vietnam War Era

Draft Lottery Firebases + LZ's History Listen Up ... to Davo Holdorf for providing this chart from quot;Vietnam ... This letter was the first step of being quot;drafted quot;


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What is an example of what a drafting someone into the army letter ...

I'm typing an example of a draft letter. The man (Tim O'Brien) is being drafted into the Vietnam war, and I want to know what the letters looked like, what ...


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