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If your Atmakaraka was Ketu you would not be born. Rahu is your Ishta Devata given Rahu ... For you Jupiter is in Taurus in the navamsa, so that is your karakamsa lagna.

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gt; Observations: Atmakaraka Rahu gt; gt; gt; Having just learned about ... gt; My book states the following about Rahu and Ketu: ... Jupiter, and the navamsa lord of Rahu is Mars. gt; gt; Rasi ...


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VARGOTTAMA NAVAMSA for Navamsa in Astro.chandulal Patel

The Moon is Uchcha-Vargottama In Vrishabha sign Vrishabha Navamsa. Mars in Uchcha-Vargottama 10 Makara Sign Makara Navamsa. Mercury IS Uchcba-Vargottama In Kanya sign Kanya


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[quote= quot;matmazel38 quot;]As far as I know, jupiter is vargottama planet being in same signs ... Mars: 279.57 Mercury: 477.85 Jupiter: 453.71 Venus: 343.23 Saturn: 345.25


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Astrology: Exalted, Vargottama, Mooltrikona, Exalted, Vargottama

If a planet is in the SAME sign in both normal space and in the navamsha harmonic what happens is a MULTIPLIER of the normal effect. So IN MY OPINION, vargottama is ...


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